Friday, 23 October 2009

The Blind Eyed Market.

Last night some smugglers started to steal goods from local shops such as the butchers and small supermarkets.They have been selling them in a secret market called The Black Market.The customers would buy the goods in London and take them back to their air raid shelters.

Although the Black Market is illegal many people use it, for example land army women needed their clothing points to obtain their uniforms.We have a witness who works in the Black Market this is what he has to say."We often bought up other peoples coupons. If someone didn't like butter, we got hold of their ration coupons straight away,shop keepers just turned A BLIND EYE!!!".This is happening because there is not enough food to eat. So they have been stealing lots of goods.

Without the Black Market the people would have starved by now, but you would do anything to live legal or not. Thank you for reading this article. Good luck through this toxic war.

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